[scribus] a new ebook

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Jun 18 05:45:11 UTC 2012

> Scribus now shows a screen-filling image of the image, with a rectangle
> that corresponds to the frame and shows what part of the image is
> currently visible in the frame. Now the user can move the frame over the
> image to find the desired part of the image, and pull one of the
> rectangle's corners to select the desired cutout. When Image fitting
> mode is exited, the image frame on the page shows the desired part of
> the image.

I just keep the properties window open and use the scroll wheel on the
mouse for X and Y position and for scaling.

I can understand that people might find it easier the way you describe
it, but Scribus already have tools for "interactive cropping".

I almost never use "fit image to frame" or "fit frame to image". The
latter is used only in cases where I have "prepared" the image in
advance to the correct size and resolution.


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