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mir mir123 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 19:01:50 UTC 2012

Whether the scope of the Scribus project should be changed or not,
considering the seismic changes the publishing world is undergoing, is an
interesting, but separate question.

I understand Scribus' goal is to produce books for print and that's why we
picked it for our project from the beginning.  But over the three years it
took for us to research, write and lay out our book ebooks became a much
more important part of the book market.

So our requirements changed, and yes, we did lots of corrections and
additions to the text directly on Scribus.  In the end, we discovered our
beloved book was in a format not much better than any proprietary format --
in a kind of dead end, with very limited possibilities for export.  We are
planning to make new versions into the future, and now we were  stuck with
Scribus for ever!

We managed to use the PDF output as a starting point for our epub, but it
was a lot of work.  I think with not too much work this can be improved,
with a possibility to export in XML/HTML.

We love Scribus and hope to keep using it, but something like this
would dramatically increase the value of this tool, especially for small
NGOs with limited budgets like us.

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