[scribus] a new ebook

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Jun 11 13:11:06 UTC 2012

hi peter,
>> It's called single source methodology :) Typeset once, read everywhere.
> Isn't that what DocBook and SGML would do 5-10 years ago?
> Since Scribus is a page layout software I can not see why Scribus
> would be the right tool to adopt the layout for different forms of
> media...

could you please explain what you mean here?

the idea behind my plugin is that you can export your scribus work in 
some sort of html that is suitable to produce an ebook.

in fact, the plugin will produce an ebook, but with very little control 
how the conversion takes place. so, if you want to produce a nice ebook 
you will probably have to further edit its layout in an ebook editor.

that way, you will be able to extract from your scribus project all the 
text, with proofreading and the names of the style applied, avoiding as 
much duplicated work as possible.

and if you don't want to use it, you can directly work on your source 
files (images and text) or go through a pdf to epub convert: i won't be 

if you can read german, here is a more in depth explanation of the idea 
behind it:

... if you dig a bit in there, you can also find the current code for 
the plugin.
(it's not ready to be used yet, but it compiles and outputs html and css)


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