[scribus] image formats (jpg or tiff)?

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Sun Jun 10 20:20:19 UTC 2012

On 6/10/12 10:15 PM, Richard Foley wrote:
> When creating a PDF with Scribus, is there any particular advantage to
> converting JPG photographs to TIFF format, before generating a PDF? 
> I ask because this was recommended to me as the right way to proceed to
> generate a PDF for printing via LSI for instance, but it is unclear to me as to
> why this would be in any way beneficial. It seems to me likely merely to
> increase the file sizes required, but am happy to be corrected. 
> Thanks for any clarification.

If the images are already jpgs, then any conversion should be avoided. Yes, its likely you just get
larger images, but possibly will lose some data. JPG is fully supported by PDF so LSI should not
have any issues with them. Of course, converting to JPG blindly may mean you lose quality and
depending on the type of file (photo/flat drawing etc) may not gain you much space.


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