[scribus] a new ebook

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sat Jun 9 09:03:32 UTC 2012

> On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 11:01 AM, Frank Cox wrote:
>> I use fbreader to read ebooks, including epub format.  It's
>> available with
>> simple "yum install fbreader" on Centos and probably on other Linux
>> distributions as well.
>> Otherwise, their website is here: http://www.fbreader.org/
> What I find most interesting in this discussion is that so far no
> single person _knowingly_ tried reading the ePub file on any ebook
> device. Which kind of defeats the point of creating ePub, no?
> Well, I tried it on a Nook Simple Touch.

Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that the epub format is
not mature. Different readers have their own interpretation of the
epub format(s).

As Greg said, Calibre will convert to MOBI and I expect that it works
perfectly well in the Kindle

I have a very cheap ebook reader for which I paid peanuts, and got
peanuts. However it renders the first 24 pages of the epub perfectly.

Will try it in a Kobo when I get access to it.


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