[scribus] Frozen text frames.

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jun 6 05:54:55 UTC 2012

hi wena

> > My text frames has locked up, I can’t select it to open or lock
> > them. Consequently I can’t edit the text. It was made in Scribus V
> > 1.4 on my Windows XP.
> >
> > Failing that process I then opened the file with V 1.4.1 with the
> > same results.
> >
> > The book is 126 pages, I haven’t had this problem before.
> > A peculiar thing is that the last page I did in the book dose not
> > have the problem.
> >
> > Any solutions?
> selecting the right layer?
> unlocking the layer?
> unlocking the item?
> taking the item out of the master page?
> moving out of the way that transparent frame covering the item?
> we can only guess... can you try to "export" only that page (save as
> -> delete all the other pages; or importing it in a new document) and
> share it?

wena send me the file...

i can edit the text frames...

it's 100+ pages, probably one single set of linked frames.
if it's only one flow of text, please consider cutting it in several
scribus needs lot of memory and processor to handle long flows... my
computer has enough of them to somehow manage to get into edit mode and
change letters. but it's sluggish.
i can imagine that on slower computers you have the feeling that the
frames are locked :-)

and the last page is probably a separated frame, so it does not show
the problem!

have fun

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