[scribus] Working with Scribus GIT

Czarek czarek at oferuje.pl
Fri Jun 1 08:24:54 UTC 2012


I have problem working with Scribus GIT repos.

I show you what commands I run - tell me where I do mistakes...
I would like to submit into GIT my code for footnotes support I have working 
on last times.
Till now my code was in SVN working dir.

1. creating new dir for working with git

mkdir git
cd git
mkdir scribus.git
cd scribus.git

2. get code form Scribus GIT

git clone git at scribus.net:scribus
cd scribus

3. check branches

git branch -a

4. creating new branch called footnotes
git checkout -b footnotes remotes/origin/trunk
"footnotes" now is my active branch

5. exporting my SVN working dir, copy files into my git dir
6. adding new files to local repo

git add .

7. commit changes in files

git commit -m "Footnotes feature initial commit"

And what next?

How I should push my "footnotes" branch to remote repo?
If I run "git push" I got "Everything up-to-date".

What I have to do is avoiding copying whole working directory between 
computers in work and home. I would like to save my daily changes into remote 
git repo as branch "footnotes" and just pull changes on other computer I will 
working on it.

Please help!!!

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