[scribus] False frames added

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jul 13 06:26:22 UTC 2012

hi john,
> Back when we were using the 1.3.8 or 1.3.9 versions, I noted that when I
> had done some work on a file, I had multiple empty frames at the bottom of
> my last page.  I could generally delete them, but they extended below the
> bottom of my last page.  Well, I am using 1.4.1 and the gremlin has
> returned.
> However, I can duplicate it by inserting a page before the last page.
> After doing that, a false frame will exist that extends below my last
> page.  I can click on the back ground area below the last page and see it
> highlight with the 8 red boxes the expose a selected frame.  It's simple
> enough to delete the frame, but as I add pages frequently, several of these
> false frames build up.  Deleting one will then reveal another below it.
> I'll be happy to submit my .sla file, but it's 43 pages (889Kb) and I'm not
> sure that attaching it to this email will even get through the listserv.
> If you want to see it, tell me how to submit it.  Since I've been using the
> same template since the 1.3.3 days, I wonder it there is something in it
> that is causing this issue.

you can add your .sla file to the bug tracker (http://bugs.scribus.net; 
and mark it as private if you want it not to be world readable... only 
the scribus devs will be seeing it).

the fact that it went through several upgrades might be the cause of the 
bug, but having a look at the file, can be helpful for figuring out 
what's happening.

sorry that i can give your more help...


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