[scribus] Scribus trivia

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Jul 4 01:20:55 UTC 2012

Some things you have no idea about until you write documentation for them.

Q: How much movement will you see in an image (X-Pos or Y-Pos) in Edit
Contents mode using the arrow keys?

A: It depends. Well that's the easy part.
It depends of course on the units, as you can easily see right away.
And it also depends on whether or not you have a modifier key pressed,
just like many operations in Scribus.
So Shift+Arrow > Ctrl+Arrow > Shift+Ctrl+Arrow (no modifier is the same
as Ctrl+Arrow).

Here is the interesting part: it also depends on the Scaling of the
image! But there are formulae.

Shift: Scaling(%) * 0.1 = units
Ctrl: Scaling * 0.01 = units
Shift+Ctrl: Scaling * 0.001 = units

and the numerical value is the same for all units, so at 50% Scaling of
the image, holding down Shift moves the image 5 points or 5 mm or 5
inches, depending on page units. Also, if the X-Scale and Y-Scale are
different, then the movements are different in each direction.

A final bit: you can only move images in Edit Contents mode in Free
Scaling in 1.4+, but in 1.5+ it also works when you have Image Scaled to


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