[scribus] Version 1.5svn build for Windows?

John L. Poole jlpoole56 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 20:50:11 UTC 2012

I've been tackling building the current high watermark, 1.5svn, on 
Windows 7 and have been weighed down on getting the dependencies. For 
example, I'm using VC++ 10, not 8.  I'm keeping meticulous notes (which 
takes time) against the included build instructions as I go along so 
eventually they'll be an Idiot's Guide to Compiling Scribus for Windows 
(yes, it's an ironic title).

In the meantime, who has been successfully compiling the HEAD version on 
Windows?  Or is the build without regard to keeping it Windows 
compile-ready at this time? Is there only one person who makes the 
Windows build?

If there are major stumbling blocks that await me, I'd sure like to know 
about it.

What would be really nice to have is a current build of Scribus that 
follows HEAD -- I'm hoping I might offer that.


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