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Frank Cox melville.theatre at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 21:02:40 UTC 2012

On Mon, 02 Jul 2012 16:26:46 -0400
Gregory Pittman wrote:

> reducing the size of your fonts list by deselecting some in Preferences
> or Document Setup.

Which doesn't address the fact that scrolling through the list of available
fonts is very slow.  Comparing Scribus to Open/Libreoffice (again), I can zip
from the top of the list to the bottom in less than a half-second, as fast as
I can move the mouse.  I could cut the list of available fonts within Scribus
down to ten or twenty before starting work on a document, but do I want to do
this for every document?  And what if I decide to use a new font partway
through a project? "Here is a list of all of the fonts that you have.  Pick the
one that you want to use" seems like a more straight-forward workflow; the
option to reduce the available fonts is a nice option to have for certain
things but I don't think it should be required to make font selection usable.

> for the default font issue, you can change your default font in Document
> Setup

If you select a font and then type text, the text you just typed is still in
the default font, notwithstanding that the selected font appears in the scroll

> you might also try Extras > Font Preview to view fonts as you use Story
> Editor. You should be able to leave this dialog open as you use SE.

Opening Extras > Font Preview causes the main Scribus window and the story
editor window to grey out and there is no way to re-enter them until you close
the Font Preview.

Additionally, the Font Preview only shows you one font at a time, which is
a tedious way to review a long list of fonts.

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