[scribus] Font selection

Frank Cox melville.theatre at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 16:28:32 UTC 2012

I may be doing this wrong and if so, would appreciate someone telling me the
right way to do it.

I have Scribus 1.4.1 installed on Centos 6.

When I want to select a font in the story editor, I click on the little arrows
to the right of the font name in the story editor's window and get a list of
fonts that stretches from the top to the bottom of the screen, with an arrow on
the top and on the bottom of the list.  To scroll through the list of fonts
that don't show on the screen I sit the mouse pointer on one of those arrows
(either up or down) and the list scrolls.

Well and good so far, but I have just over 400 fonts on this computer and it
takes slightly more than forty seconds (I just timed it) to scroll from the top
of the list to the bottom.

Is there a way to scroll faster?  If  the font that I want starts with C and
I'm down in W, it's a long wait to get back to C.

I open the story editor, select a font. and start typing a line of text.  The
font name that I selected shows in the scroll box as I type, but if I move the
cursor back over what I typed, I see that the font is actually still set to the
default font.  (The font name changes to the default font in the scroll box.)
The only way that I can set a font other than the default is to highlight the
text after typing it out and then select the font.

How difficult would it be to implement a font selection dialog similar to the
one in Open/LibreOffice, where each font name is actually set in that font in
the selection window? That way you get a built-in font sample sheet/preview.

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