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Boris boristhemoggy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 05:28:24 UTC 2012


Yes I have it turned on, I have also used about very combination of 
settings that I can think of.
I have read the online manual about colour management, I understand 
about colour management.
I have also read about colour management and profiles from the 5 links I 
was offered on the forum.
My problem is not about understanding colour management, my problem is 
understanding how to get Scribus to work.
No matter what profile I use, it shows my image as out of gamut.
No matter what combination of profiles I set, it shows my image as out 
of gamut in the darker areas.
My red text is even out of gamut.
The problem I believe is nothing to do with colour management, I think 
some box isn't ticked somewhere or the wrong box is ticked, and I can't 
find which one.
However one suggestion was to continue without colour management. Well 
what's the point of using a high end tool if you're not going to use one 
of it's best features?
So, I need for someone to look beyond trying to teach me everything 
there is to know about colour management, which I've got coming out of 
my ears, and help me understand why the program isn't accepting the 
If it helps, here's a screenshot to show the preferences.

IMage of preferences



On 30/01/2012 01:50, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 01/29/2012 08:31 PM, Boris wrote:
>> I have been on the forum with this issue, which they were not able to
>> resolve, so I thought I'd try here.
>> I am trying Scribus for the first time, in order to write a book which
>> will use lots of photographs. Therefore colour management is important
>> and I have set all profiles as I think they should be.
>> However, on loading my first photograph, it shows with much green in the
>> dark areas, which I am told is an out of gamut error.
>> The photos were exported n sRGB, the monitor has been calibrated and has
>> it's own profile which I use, and the print profiles were left as 
>> default.
>> The part where it asks for the path for ICC profiles is greyed out so I
>> cannot point to it.
>> I'm using Windows 7 32 bit and I'm not sure what other info you'd need
>> to try and help resolve this, so please just ask.
> Hi Gary,
> Have you turned on color management in Preferences? File > Preferences 
> > Color Management
> Also read the online manual about Color Management.
> Greg
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