[scribus] Importing Pages From Microsoft Publisher

Jean-Louis Cordonnier jlcord2 at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 27 15:45:42 UTC 2012

My daughter is working with scribus at home, but in her school she _has
to_ work with MS Publisher (it's easier, says the teacher... it makes
goog stuff... it's easy to use, and not expansive !!!) As my daughter
%!§0grrRR<>!! ans tried to promote scribus she was ordered to obey...
My daughter wonders if it's possible to convert _from_ scribus to MSP.
I guess the best is to paste an image ? as from publisher to scribus.
And be silent ?


Le 27/01/2012 16:07, Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean a écrit :
> If you have allready Publisher export the works in pdf, or print it to pdf (if Publisher don't have 'export to pdf' feature).
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> I am working with an associate to create a booklet in Scribus. She has created her pages in Microsoft Publisher. (She knows Publisher and does not wish to learn Scribus. She emails her pages to me and I am having problems importing them into Scribus, (I have Publisher but want to use Scribus.) I have printed the pages she created in Publisher and they are great. Everything is sharp.
> I have tried saving her pages as png and gif documents and importing using Get Image. I have a lot of work to do trying to get them the same size in Scribus and when I test print, they are not sharp. There must be a better approach than this.
> Can someone give me some suggestions?
> Bob P.
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