[scribus] Linux, Scribus 1.5, Windows Scribus 1.4 and Arial font

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Jan 27 06:11:49 UTC 2012

> Although I had collected graphic into my working file to transfer to
> the Linux computer meant apparently it dose ?collect the font. This has
> meant I need I need to go through the whole work again to set each
> page. Arial is not on the Linux machine.

What you are missing here is from where Scribus is getting its fonts.

It gets the fonts from the operating system (at least on Windows) and
the folders pointed out in the settings (the folder where you can
store fonts that Scribus can use without installing them for the
operating system, mostly used on linux when you want personal fonts
and don't have the rights to install fonts).


When doing collect for output Scribus puts a copy of the fonts used in
the target folder, but Scribus on another machine will not read the
fonts from that folder. I can agree that it would be really nice if
Scribus DID read those fonts the same way it reads the images, but as
the font system in Scribus currently is designed I think fonts are
loaded at startup so it probably needs a lot redesign to make that

So the fonts must be installed on the target machine some way (copying
to a Scribus fonts folder is probably the easiest way).


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