[scribus] Latex frame issues

Lars Behrens Lars.Behrens at kit.edu
Tue Jan 24 11:08:14 UTC 2012

Am 23.01.2012 16:59, schrieb Lars Behrens:

> Does anyone have an idea where to dig?

Ok, I am starting to get closer....

When I
- insert a latex object
- change object's  page number from 'auto' to '1' in property manager
- change back object's  page number from '1' to 'auto' in property manager
- resize object's window until it is smaller than the diplayed text width
- resize object to desired size

then everything is displayed ok. Bit much of a hassle :-)
So either this is a bug or I must be doing something wrong.

Could someone try and verify or falsify this?

And furthermore please: The pdf output of my document shows the formula 
only in a very poor resolution unless I tick the "embed PDF and EPS 
files (EXPERIMENTAL)" option. Could someone check that too?



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