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Kohls_Horst at web.de Kohls_Horst at web.de
Tue Jan 17 21:30:46 UTC 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I got a problem with Scribus 1.3.8 where I need your support.

Right now I am creating a family history which consists of about 300 pages of which about 200 pages are scannes JPEG graphics.

When inserting these jpeg files, there is no issue to page 137. Starting page 138 the following error message shows up:

---"Application transferred too few scanlines" und "JPEG Libary Error"---

The window with the red diagonals shows the proper file name but not the picture itself. All files are on the same drive and directory. My computer is a powerful notebook MSI CR 700 with 250 GB hard disk.

I tries aolving the issue by closing the program and restarting with page 139 in Scribus in a new file. The first attempt resulted immediately in the same error message. Also program version 1.4 showed the same issue.

I wpuld appreciate your strong support in finding a solution to the aforementioned issue.

Many thanks and best regards
Horst Kohls
Horst Kohls
Funnenkampstraße 11
59379 S e l m
Orts- und Familienforscher
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