[scribus] Drop Shadow

William F. Maddock billsey at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 17 16:52:54 UTC 2012

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>From: Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com>
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>On 01/17/2012 10:11 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 01/17/2012 09:59 AM, Stefan wrote:
>>>> Only the newest PDF versions support transparency.
>>> And many commercial printers forbid transparency in PDF
>> It's important to note that one can flatten transparency. One way to do
>> this is to print from Scribus to a file, which creates a PS file, which
>> can then be converted to PDF 1.3 with the appearance of having the
>> transparency.
>Oops! not this way.
>Instead export to pdf1.4 in Scribus, then pdftops, then ps2pdf13.

Keeping in mind what Louis wrote, this part looks like a script. Call it something like "flatten2pdf13".

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