[scribus] arabic

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 12:56:27 UTC 2012

On 01/17/2012 07:52 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 01/17/2012 07:37 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> On 01/17/2012 04:31 AM, Jean-Louis Cordonnier wrote:
>>> I want to write this in a text frame :
>>> *Mahdia* (arabe : ???????) est une ville côtière...
>>> How can I get the arabic word from right to left ?
>> This remains clumsy. The worst case situation is when you want to have a
>> bit of Arabic inside a frame with a left to right language. The bottom
>> line is that it's probably not doable, at least in a straightforward way
>> (see below).
>> Here is what I find using 1.4.1svn:
>> There is a button in Properties > Text > Color and Effects for right to
>> left text -- the one with the backwards 'R' in it. Even if you are in
>> Edit Contents mode, even with text highlighted, when you select this
>> feature, all of the text in the frame switches to right to left.
>> I'll have to see if one might create a Paragraph style that might allow
>> something more restricted.
>> One possible workaround worth trying, if you have only a single word in
>> Arabic, would be to use inline graphics. This would require making a
>> small frame with your Arabic and its right to left mode, then converting
>> to outlines, then converting to image. Then copy this frame, at which
>> time you can use this in another text frame in Edit Contents mode by
>> pasting as you enter text.
> As I look into this a bit more, I see you cannot specify right to left
> in Paragraph/Character Styles.
> Also, when I try to convert to outlines, then image with more than one
> character, there are X's drawn through the outlines on conversion to
> image, so this isn't feasible.

Ah. Ok, now I'm getting somewhere. If you convert your reversed text to 
outlines, just copy and paste that, forget about conversion to image.


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