[scribus] Fitting Text

Jean Mielot j.mielot at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:45:58 UTC 2012


I am a professional magazine designer and have decided to change from 
Indesign to Scribus
and so far I have been very happy - fantastic work. As soon as this 
issue is complete I will
definitely post it as a a success story - which I'm sure it will be.

There are a few things I miss from Indesign, but have also found 
workarounds - so there
hasn't been any compromise YET.

In Indesign I was quite comfortable writing scripts and of course it's 
clear that Scribus' possibilities
are even more with Python.

Here's a question that I have seen discussed, but I'm unsure of the 
current status.

I need text fitting. In Indesign CS5 I wrote a script that made a little 
page label indicating
the magazine section - it used fitting. I see no way of achieving that 
in Scribus at the moment.
Seeing as all labels are the same font and always one line - I could set 
the vertical height, but
I need the box to find the horizontal width and add a little bit of 
padding all round.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance

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