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On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 10:55:54 -0600 Frank Cox
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> On Wed, 11 Jan 2012 12:24:03 +0200 Ian "Witty" Whitfield wrote:
> >  In my case I am busy with a study of the Postage Stamps of a
> >  Country and I have started with a complete layout of the
> >  listing of all the Stamps in chronological order. Where I
> >  have photos of these I position them next to the respective
> >  listing. Now as I find more and more background information
> >  about each item I add this into the document. It can be
> >  anything from one word to several pages. 
> If I understand what you're doing correctly, I think Lyx is the
> right tool for that particular job.  Neither Scribus or
> LibreOffice is designed to do what it does.
To be clear Lyx is a graphic front end for LaTex/pdflatex. I use
TeX in some form regularly for book length objects. Since TeX of
any flavor paginates on the fly as the last step in the process
it could handle additional text while maintaining illustrations
in sync with their accompanying text. But if you add text to an
illustrated text some anomalies can occur such as blank pages, or
so the manual says.

I don't use Lyx although I have it. I find writing directly in
e.g., pdftex or Context or even LaTeX an easier course. But I
learned TeX first, which may explain why I never found Lyx to be
better than using TeX directly.

Context allows for inserts that float with the text using the
\placefigure command and the "force" parameter. LaTeX uses the
"here" parameter to put the figure in relationship to the text
before and after.

In my current project I am debating between Context and Scribus.
If I use Scribus I will put the text together in linked text
frames and then place the illos after, allowing the text to flow
around the graphic frames. That is not the situation for the OP,
where he will want to add text ad libitum AFTER the graphics are
placed. He may be better served with some form of TeX.

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