[scribus] Locking images? -SOLVED

Ian "Witty" Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Wed Jan 11 10:24:03 UTC 2012

Hi All

Regarding this question - I'm happy to report that it is SOLVED!!

The question was ....
> Is it possible to 'Lock' an image to a particular area of text so that 
> when you add more text above the image it will move down the document 
> with its related text? (in other programs this is the 'Anchor' property) 

With help from John and Louis (thanks guys!!) I now have it working.

This is what I'm doing....

    * Place an Image Frame at the location I want in the document and
      'Get Image'.
    * Adjust the image to what you want, (Fit to Frame, Fit Frame to
      Image etc).
    * Copy the Frame to the Clip Board, (ctrl-C) and delete it - or just
      (ctrl-X) to do both in one step.
    * Position the cursor where you want the image in the document...
          (_NOTE_ - The 'Anchor Point' seems to be the bottom left-hand
    * Paste the Frame with the image into the document, (ctrl-V).
      (if you look at the text with 'Edit Text' you will see that a red
      '@' has been added at the 'Anchor Point'
      and adjustments to the position of the image can be made here by
      adding or deleting spaces etc, you CAN NOT adjust the position of
      the image in the document any more!!)

I also found that Text Boxes within the document frames, ie Photo 
Captions, also need to be copied and pasted in the same way for them to 
stay with the photos.

So I'm happy to have this working although it is a bit of a "mission"!! 
IHMO a simple "Anchor to", as you find in LibreOffice would be much better.

Regarding your comment Greg - I must disagree with you!! Scribus is a 
document layout program and to me this is a fundamental part of any 
layout. In my case I am busy with a study of the Postage Stamps of a 
Country and I have started with a complete layout of the listing of all 
the Stamps in chronological order. Where I have photos of these I 
position them next to the respective listing. Now as I find more and 
more background information about each item I add this into the 
document. It can be anything from one word to several pages. So as this 
new material is added the photos, captions and text boxes _MUST_ stay 
together. I already have about a 50 page document and I'm only one third 
of the way into the Study. To have to go through all the pages 
repositioning images each time I add text is a very long-winded way of 
doing things!!

Regarding the idea of using LibreOffice for this - I did indeed start 
out in LibreOffice but after about 10 pages I gave up as I have become 
so used to the extra control and capabilities of Scribus for such a job!!

Thanks again guys - I appreciate the help and hope this explanation will 
be useful to other users!!

(Note to the Devs - Please think about adding an "Anchor to" function!!!)

Ian Whitfield

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