[scribus] Importing from LibreOffice but using Scribus Styles

Andrew May andrew.may at smithmyers.com
Wed Jan 4 15:59:02 UTC 2012

New to Scribus so this may be a simple or well known problem but I have 
not been able to find anything about it in the documentation or on the web.

I have a LibreOffice Write document that has a small set of custom 
styles, eg myHeading1, myHeading2, myBodyText. These are largely defined 
using 12pt courier with double line spacing to make it easy to print, 
proof-read and comment on the document.

I then have an outline Scribus document that has the same styles but 
defined as required for the finished document using different fonts, 
colours, line spacing and justification.

I had hoped that I would be able to import my LibreOffice document into 
Scribus and it would take on the new styles. But this only partially 
works. I am importing the text by right clicking in the text frame and 
selecting Get Text. I am not making any selection from the resultant 
pop-up. What I am getting is text that takes on some of the aspects of 
the Scribus style but retains some from LibreOffice. So the line spacing 
and justification comes from Scribus but the font comes from 
LibreOffice. The font colour comes from LibreOffice but the intensity 
comes from Scribus.

I had hoped that I could override all the elements of the defined style 
by using styles of the same name but this does not seem to be happening. 
Can anyone tell me if there any way of achieving what I am trying to do?

Many Thanks,


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