[scribus] SVG makes WinXP and Win 7 to crash. Why?

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Mon Feb 27 09:11:34 UTC 2012

> Hello,
> When importing this svg in Scribus the result is a crash of Win 7.
> The same happens in Win XP.
> Editing the file in Inkscape goes just fine. No problem at all.
> What's wrong here?

The svg file was removed from your email.

Copying the withheld attachment as a svg file, and opening in
Inkscape, gave me a flower + lots of text

I cut the flower out and saved it as another file.

Then I imported that file into a recent version of Scribus on linux

It gave me the warning that the svg "contained unsupported features"
(suspect it may be a blur)

My guess, and guess only, is that the unsupported error may not have
been handled gracefully by windows, so causing a crash.

Try this;

Create a black square in Inkscape and see if it imports to Scribus

Then blur the black square in Inkscape, and try importing it to
Scribus. if you get a crash again, then my guess is correct.

ps.  Unless you have good reason, it may be preferable to do your text
in Scribus, just leave Inkscape to do the image.

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