[scribus] How to distribute editorconfig files?

Lars Behrens Lars.Behrens at kit.edu
Fri Feb 24 10:48:38 UTC 2012

Am 23.02.2012 20:41, schrieb Owen:

> Perhaps one way would be to install the script into
> $INSTALL_PREFIX/share/scribus/scripts/  and name it with a leading 0,
> like 0_Poster

Hm, but that doesn't make the self created xml file(s) in from 
INSTALL_PREFIX/share/scribus/editorconfig visible without adding them 
manually, does it? That is the main problem...

A possible solution would be to put in a line like
<LatexConfig command="" file="001_KIT_Latex_eps.xml"/>
into the EXTERNAL section of the ~/.scribus/scribus140.rc of every user. 
But that would be an ugly hack.


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