[scribus] PDFX3, CMYK and opacity

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Tue Feb 14 19:33:47 UTC 2012

Le 14/02/2012 19:52, JLuc a écrit :

> For example : why is "color" pane not enabled when PDFX3 is choosen ?

Probably because PDFX3 is only CMYK so there is no use in a screen rendering.
I discovered that PDFX3 doesnt deal with transparencies nor RGB.

And I guess that Scribus doesnt translate RGB to CMYK when necessary,
and doesnt compute the equivalent 100% opacity color when a 70% opacity is used.

It would be fine if Scribus would do these X3 translations...
But if as it seems it does not do it, how can the preflight verifier not check that ????


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