[scribus] "Offset of baseline to characters" doesn't seem to work correctly in Scribus 1.4.0

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 02:02:22 UTC 2012

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

Scribus 1.4.0 is now in the Ubuntu 11.04 repository. I am trying it (Build ID: C-C-T-F-C1.10.2-64bit) for the first time.  I opened a file which I had created using 1.4.0-rc-4, the text which had had the "Offset of baseline to characters" other than 0% is not correct, or at least not the way it used to be.
I had a lot of text boxes (which I reused in different issues).  When one contained a single line of text, I would set the offset to -52% so that it would be centred vertically. If I had two lines, the Offset would be left at 0%.  Now, the text appears at the top of the box even with that -52% offset. And, I cannot move it down. I can move it up by using a + offset, and it then appears above the text frame. But moving it down with a negative offset does not work like it did before.

I just checked and this "problem" is also evident in 1.4.0-rc-6 so it crept in between those two releases.  I also checked the resulting PDF file, and all the single lines are in the wrong place.
Is this a bug, or has something been changed with this setting from earlier releases? If the latter, how am I now supposed to do this offset?  I can do a work-around (I guess), by setting the offset to 0% and moving the relevant text boxes down, but this does not seem very elegent.
HELP! I am just starting the newest newsletter and am stymied by this right now.
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