[scribus] tab

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 14:23:34 UTC 2012

On 02/06/2012 08:59 AM, Anke Lange wrote:
> Hello
> I'm just fighting with the tab set on Scribus 1.4.
> Ok, this is the way I do tabs:
> 1. Open the tab-editor at the properties window.
> 2. set the tabs
> 3. write my text with using tab-key.
> That works, but if I want to add another tab or move it, I can't open
> the tab-set tool with the once, I already set. I get a total messup when
> I just add another one and can't seem to clear the tabs.
> So at this time, I start all over again ... new textframe... start
> tab-editor...
> Is there an easier way of dealing with those tab-sets?

What you should consider is making Paragraph Styles, one kind of setting 
for these being tabulator settings. After you create the paragraph 
style, you can later go back and edit your tab settings.

You can also import your styles from another document for even greater 


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