[scribus] Scribus does the Wrong Thing

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Dec 18 22:19:48 UTC 2012

> Now, I can understand doing that if (and ONLY if) I were entering the string into the Story Editor. 
> Imagine, however, if I were to compose a long passage in Hebrew and import it.  There should be some
> way to tell Scribus not to reverse such text as it's imported or, at the very least, it should ask
> before making the change.  If it helps, I'm using Fedora 16 Linux with whatever version Fedora
> supplies, although I'm fairly sure it's the current stable version.  Before reporting this
> officially, I'd like to see what other users think: is this a bug, a mis-feature or simply something
> that I could have prevented with a setting I'm unaware of?

Unfortunately, its just code that has not been written yet. Scribus just doesn't support what you
want to do. There's requests already in at bugs.scribus.net.

Sorry, there's no ETA for these features.


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