[scribus] Text over an image

Mike Fetherling mike.fetherling at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 19:54:50 UTC 2012

I saw the example of putting a cutout of text over an image that I can not
seam to re-create. I am wondering if the procedure has changed due to
program revisions/updates.

What I am looking at is located here:

Specifically, I am trying to recreate these instructions:

*Create a Text Frame for your text, convert it to outlines by using Item >
Convert to Outlines. Move it over a shape, for example a rectangular.
Select both objects and use Item > Combine Polygons. If you move the new
object over an image now , the image can be seen through the text.*
After having tried this a dozen times, I never end up with a cutout of text
where I can see through to a lower image.

Any idea what I am doing wrong, or what a better procedure would be?
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