[scribus] lists

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Dec 6 14:26:04 UTC 2012


> > I have an alternate suggestion: why not make this a blog format,
> > with filters....
> I think perhaps there is a fledgling "meta-list" already with the
> Scribus Planet project of a.l.e's.
> http://impagina.org/planet/
> Greg

currently, i don't plan to make an archive out of the planet.

i've created it more as a place where one could learn a bit
about what is currently happening in the scribus world...

and where somebody could skim through the activity in the parts of the
community where he or she is not actively taking part.

but, now that it's there, it can grow...

i think that building a collective archive as Tom is suggesting is a
much bigger effort,also needing a much bigger infrastructure than what
i have at my disposal right now.

but, maybe, somebody can build more on top of it.

somebody has suggested to offer a rss feed of the planet... it's not
there yet, but, it could be a start for further ideas!

but we should take care that we don't make it much too complicated...
most of the times, we don't have that much traffic in the scribus


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