[scribus] Support for Style-driven running heads

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Dec 6 13:02:06 UTC 2012

hi jeff,

> If a variable could be created which is linked to a style, such that
> when that variable is used, it is replaced with the contents of the
> most recent text that is marked up with that style. Example, I create
> a style called ChapterTitle, apply that style to a piece of text to
> the Chapter Title at the beginning of each new chapter of the
> document. This style also has some display parameters. This is what
> can be done already.
> New feature request: Be able to (somewhere) create a custom variable
> called CurrentChapterTitle and select the ChapterTitle style from the
> list of styles. Then create a new Text Frame on a master page and
> insert the CurrentChapterTitle variable. For each page, the variable
> will display the most recent style-marked text is.

cezary has worked on a style based table of contents... with a bit of
luck, this task will help also getting style based variables!

cross your fingers :-)

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