[scribus] Strange behaviour in 1.4.1

Jean-Luc Waber jlwaber at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 15:56:23 UTC 2012

> Am 22.08.2012 12:37, schrieb Mike:> On 22/08/2012 08:20, ale rimoldi wrote:
>>> hi
>>>>> "Are these pages with automatic creation of frames?"  Cannot say I
>>>>> understand the question, except to say that it did not involve a
>>>>> frame creation on my part, but rather a page INSERT as stated
>>>>> above.  The text frame that results is the same size as a full page
>>>>> frame as defined by my page borders.
>>>> Then I bet that is the problem.
>>>> Scribus has a setting for "Automatic text frames". When that setting
>>>> is turned on, inserting a page will automatically create a text frame
>>>> on that page, with the size set to the margins of the page (as set up
>>>> in the document setup).
>>>> But I have to confess that since I have never used the feature I can't
>>>> find where the setting is found...
>>> well, when an automatic frame is created and you asked for it at the
>>> document creation, well, thats a feature, not a bug!
>>> we will see how that document looks like...
>>> ciao
>>> a.l.e
> I had the same thing in several versions of scribus (now 1.4.1) on
> Windows XP. I have the automatic text frame on, but on the inserted
> pages I have no text frame! The text frames are at the bottom somewhere
> far after the last page and not on the inserted pages. I always had to
> copy or create a new text frame on the new pages and re-link the frames.
> (I just reproduced this behavior now with 6 pages, automatic frames
> turned on, inserted 2 pages after page 2, and got the two frames below.)
> Jean-Luc

And I forgot to mention the strange behavior of the linked frames:
1 -> 2 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> new frame not on a page -> next frame not 
on page. I would wish the link would go from page 2 to page 3.


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