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a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Aug 20 07:40:58 UTC 2012

ciao claudio,

yep, as josé writes, you should also activate the guides and the grids, 
not only display them.

you can define any shortcut you want in the preferences, and, in your 
case, the one you want is the "preview mode", which is also in the view 
menu and in the statusbar as an "eye" button.
what are still missing are keyboard shortcuts for typographic work...

finally, for a newspaper i would not want to work with the grid enabled, 
but this is up to you :-)

finally (2), i'm wondering which version you are using...

have fun
> Hello Scribus list:
> I'm Claudio Andreotti. I work at a newspaper in Buenos Aires Argentina,
> called Página/12. In 35 years it is the third day in which I work and
> QuarXpress operator for 12 years.
> I am interested in free software and am interested Scribus.Creo it takes
> a list from the experience of those who use layout tools.
> The Scribus is very slow, select the text with great difficulty, the
> boxes do not stick to the guides and the grid, or does so with great
> difficulty. Lacks keyboard shortcuts eg to display the grid and
> disappear, to appear and disappear Guides.
> I think part of the problem is based on the programming language.
> It is important to list experienced DTP operators.
> A greeting frternal. Claudio Andreotti.
> ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
> Hola lista de Scribus:
> Soy Claudio Andreotti. Trabajo en un diario en Buenos Aires Argentina,
> se llama Página/12. En 35 años es el tercer diario en el que trabajo y
> soy operador de QuarXpress desde hace 12 años.
> Me interesa el software libre y me interesa Scribus.Creo que hace falta
> una lista a partir de la experiencia de quienes usamos herramientas de
> maquetación.
> El Scribus es muy lento, selecciona el texto con mucha dificultad, no se
> pegan las cajas a las guias y la cuadricula, o lo hace con mucha
> dificultad. Le falta atajos de teclado ejemplo: para que aparezca la
> cuadricula y desaparezca, para que aparezcan las guias y desaparezcan.
> Creo que parte de la base del problema esta en el lenguaje de
> programacion.
> Es importante una lista de operarios de maquetación con experiencia.
> Un frternal saludo. Claudio Andreotti.
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