[scribus] Aligning text to baseline, or to other objects

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Aug 19 09:51:40 UTC 2012


> > 2. Inkscape allows you to align multiple text elements to their
> > common baseline or leading edge. The only thing I can find like
> > that in Scribus is the baseline grid, but that's common to all
> > text, you can't use it for different sizes of text, and doesn't
> > work on text running at 90°. Are there other methods or tricks I
> > can use to align specific text elements to a common baseline? What
> > about leading edge?
> This is trickier. I checked to see if locking a frame would lock the 
> linespacing, but it doesn't. It would be nice if a given baseline
> grid could be layer-specific, but there's no such thing.
> I think you're stuck with manual methods, such as using guides, where 
> you might visually line up lines with a guide, or if you use the
> frame, align that to the guide. Check out Windows > Align and
> Distribute.

aligning to and between baselines is imo a hard task.

already with the current way, understanding and correctly defining the
baseline grid is something hard for most people.

the way inkscape does is a good and i think that we have it also in
scribus. it should not be too hard to implement!


it should also be in the snap to item feature implemented by pierrick
during his GSoC... the tricky part being to avoid too many jumps.


let's hope for the best!


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