[scribus] Indic Unicode support for Scribus is developed

DAKF dakf.list at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 11:33:48 UTC 2012

Hi List,

  I am happy to announce that Indic Unicode support for Scribus is
developed and tested successfully.

  The patch for the development version ( as on 15the Aug 2012 ) is
available at http://www.atps.in/download/Scribus_1.5_indic.patch
  The patched source tarball is available at

  It would be nice if you could test it and provide feedback so as to make
it work better.

  The patch for the stable version of Scribus shall be tested and released

  This patch is developed by testing and modifying ScribusOIF stream.

  This development is done by a team of Appropriate Technology Promotion
Sociiety (ATPS), Kochi ( http://www.atps.in ) with the support of
Prajasakti (http://www.prajasakti.com), Andra pradesh Democratic Alliance
for Knowledge Freedom (DAKF), Kerala ( www.dakf.in )


- Anil
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