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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Mon Apr 30 15:39:11 UTC 2012

On 12/04/2012 23:56, Ray Risely wrote:

> Thanks to those who brought up this subject of Technical drawing using
> Scribus.

Think that was me.

> We are about to move into a smaller house soon and we are concerned
> about how our furniture is going to fit - the answer is - it won't!


I've been using it to lay out PV panels on a roof. As you can group 
things and copy and paste them to duplicate, it can be quite quick to 
bash out a design. Also cute is that all this can be done in the same 
document that describes the technical details of the system.

> However, I have been playing around with several 'layout programs' but
> with poor visual results.
> Lo and behold with Scribus I can add pages making each page of my 'new
> house project' the exact size of the rooms and with rectangular shapes
> pushed around to represent the furniture etc the job has become easier.
> Great - thank you all

I'm sure that real CAD would be better for us, but I'm still waiting to 
find time to choose a package that meets our needs.

Even then, the CAD vector output needs to be imported into Scribus which 
can be a challenge. There is certainly something to be said for making 
it easy to do simple CAD in Scribus.

Cheers, J/.
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