[scribus] perfect bound 3mm gutter question/problem?

Richard Foley richard.foley at rfi.net
Wed Apr 25 22:04:04 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

I'm trying to create a layout in Scribus, to send to LSI. The layout apparently
requires a 6mm outside bleed area *and* a 3mm inside 'gutter' for glueing
purposes, (because it has to be 'perfect' bound). So I am trying to get this
set up:

    left page: top=6, left=6, bottom=6, right=3

   right page: top=6, left=3, bottom=6, right=6

Now, when I try to do this using scribus, inside the document layout, I get the
right hand page with a 3mm inside strip, but the left hand page appears to have
the 3mm removed from it, or is overlapping. What I actually get is the
following flawed arrangement:

    left page: top=6, left=6, bottom=6, right=-3 (flawed)

   right page: top=6, left=3, bottom=6, right=6 (correct)

I hope I'm making this clear. I've attached a sample document with 3 empty
pages, so that anyone who might be interested, can have a look to see what I
mean in the real document. It's entirely possible that this is a bad
configuration on my part, which is simple to fix, and I'd be pleased to be
corrected, or have my stupid mistake pointed out to me. Thanks very much in
advance for your patience.


Richard Foley


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