[scribus] some user interface issues

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Apr 24 11:48:25 UTC 2012

ciao manuel,

> > If the highlighted option was "Save", (the default behavior in OSX
> > applications), the user could hit the return key, not requiring the
> > usage of mouse/trackpad.
> >
> I am guessing that others would not want Save as the default. I think 
> Cancel is a safer option. All you have to do is tab your way to 
> whichever choice you like, no mouse required.

on mac os x, you have first to activate it.
i can look it up tomorrow at the office, if necessary!

btw, there are two changes that are a must on os x if you want to use
the keyboard instead of the keyboard:
- allow < and > to switch among the windows of a single app
- allow to use keys to select buttons.
both are will hidden somewhere in the preferences, i think in the
keyboard preferences.

> I notice that all sorts
> of non-character keys will activate a "change" in the document:
> Shift, Alt, Esc, Home, PgUp, End, arrow keys, for examples. This is,
> of course, only in Edit Contents mode. I guess one thing I would
> wonder in your case is why you wish to close a document while in Edit
> Contents mode...

there are efforts going on to catch where useless changes are tracked...

if you know of any, post a but report, please :-)


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