[scribus] HTML importer problems when using images

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Apr 18 16:22:14 UTC 2012

On 04/18/2012 09:32 AM, Antonio Roberts wrote:
> Ok, after further delving into this t's beginning to look like a
> problem with Libre Office. I used its html exporter and opened the
> source and this is what it looked like http://twitpic.com/9b9081
> Out of interest, Gregory, what did you use to export the document to html?
> Antonio
> On 18 April 2012 13:51, Gregory Pittman<gpittman at iglou.com>  wrote:
>> On 04/17/2012 07:51 PM, Antonio Roberts wrote:
>>> As a work-around to Scribus not yet supporting Footnotes I'm following
>>> the advice found on the Scribus wiki that recommends exporting your
>>> document in HTML format and then adding in the footnotes manually
>>> (source: http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Footnotes_in_Scribus). This
>>> works until you try and import a HTML document that has images as the
>>> HTML importer tries to import the image as text. As images, when
>>> opened in a text editor, consist of many hundreds of lines of text,
>>> this often results in Scribus freezing.
>>> Is there a way to import an HTML document that has images? I just
>>> don't want to have to go through my 50-page document and delete all of
>>> the images first
>> This seems odd. I think you should look at the HTML file under a text
>> editor.
>> I just did this same thing, with an HTML I created with a plain text editor,
>> and import went Ok, with Paragraph styles created, and the images just
>> showed up as the link in parentheses:
>> (img, src:path/to/image.png)
>> which I think is a useful feature, in case you want to add image frames to
>> your Scribus document.

This is just starting out in Emacs with a file XXX.html... Typically I 
will use some copy-pasting for various headers, CSS if I want, otherwise 
just typing away. I get annoyed at these helper apps, so I stick to 
manually doing tags, etc. Also not fond of WSIWYG editors -- usually if 
you look at what they churn out, it's unnecessarily messy.


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