[scribus] HTML importer problems when using images

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Tue Apr 17 23:51:59 UTC 2012

As a work-around to Scribus not yet supporting Footnotes I'm following
the advice found on the Scribus wiki that recommends exporting your
document in HTML format and then adding in the footnotes manually
(source: http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Footnotes_in_Scribus). This
works until you try and import a HTML document that has images as the
HTML importer tries to import the image as text. As images, when
opened in a text editor, consist of many hundreds of lines of text,
this often results in Scribus freezing.

Is there a way to import an HTML document that has images? I just
don't want to have to go through my 50-page document and delete all of
the images first


antonio at hellocatfood.com

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