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On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 16:39:08 +0200 ale rimoldi
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> hi greg,
> > On 04/11/2012 07:36 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> > >
> > > ... because there is a long history of people taking free
> > > scribus resources and making profit out of it....
> > >
> > > let's get real: there is almost no chance that somebody can
> > > make a huge profit from taking the manual, printing it and
> > > selling it.
> > >
> > If the docs are worth nothing, then why this ongoing argument
> > about the particulars of its licensing?
> in my eyes scribus docs are very valuable but have no
> commercial value.
> or at least have no commercial value that would lead to profits
> that are higher than the effort a publishing house would have
> to put in the promotion of a manual.
> ciao a.l.e

There are three English language p-books on Scribus that
apparently sell ok, The Manual, the Gemy book published by Packt
Publishing and the Gang Chen self-published book. The Gemy book
is useful but not IMO comprehensive enough and the Gang Chen book
I would not recommend at all.

I have all three. There are also some other language books I
don't have. 

Here are their Amazon ranks (lower number is better) 
Manual 318,199 
Gemy 656,199 
Chen 1,037,820

A book I offer that no longer sells has an Amazon rank of
2,705,060.  But I broke even on it. Consider this the lowest
possible ranking.  The Tavmong Bah book on Inkscape ranks

So I believe that a comprehensive manual with current info would
sell well enough and make money if printed POD. Heck, the Fles
Manual still sells and it dates back to

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