[scribus] Where do I set the line spacing?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Apr 10 05:33:18 UTC 2012

hi whit,

> On Monday 09 April 2012 06:29:26 Whit Blauvelt wrote:
> > Thanks Owen! I went to trying to do this in Libre Office and
> > AbiWord, both of which are SERIOUSLY buggy at large page sizes. Not
> > a good day for Linux.
> This has nothing to do with Linux at all, you're simply doing it
> wrong, bro. Noticed "Office" part in LibreOffice, and "Word" part in
> AbiWord? If you're creating a poster and fiddling with layout in
> general, you don't use office apps for the job, but a DTP tool.
> That's why you're here, right?

and most of all: don't blame on linux for this!

if you were using libre office on windows would you be blaming windows?



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