[scribus] use of "Hand" causes Scribus to flip out

Cat catsoul at thinkplan.org
Wed Apr 4 15:12:38 UTC 2012

On Apr 4, 2012, at 8:07 AM, Lars Behrens wrote:

> Do I get you right? Are you saying there is no hand tool in Scribus?
> I am using that regularly, though I am used to doing it through middle-mouse-drag-the-page...
> Cheerz,
> Lars

Lars: here's what I see in OS X Scribus..  when you are done manipulating an object, click away from everything to de-select.

then press the space bar 1 time and: *do not hold it* or else Scribus will spazz out.*

after hitting the space bar, you will get a hand, and can then scootch your document in any direction.



*by spazzing out, I mean that the white arrow tool will blink at a rate of appx 1 second for upwards of 20 seconds. the longer you hold the space bar, the longer Scribus will occupy itself with this blinking and will not be responsive to user control until it's all done doing that.
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