[scribus] Spellchecker

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Apr 4 13:56:54 UTC 2012

hi john

> >> Inasmuch as I cut my teeth on PageMaker, then Quark and
>  >>InDesign, I was used to opening the program and while typing
>  >>the copy beginning to envision the layout in my mind. So for
>  >>me, the copy came first and I didn't need to employ another
>  >>program to get the flyer, poster, newsletter, etc. into
>  >>production. This was and is very common workflow in a print
>  >>shop.  So let me add my voice to those who would like to see
>  >>an operating spellchecker in Scribus!
> >
> > That would be our aim.. but someone needs to write the new
>  >spellchecker plugin.. we would like someone to do this.
>  >Anyone?
> I probably shouldn't ask this because it's 8 years since I wrote any 
> serious code, but what's involved in the spell checker plugin ?
> If hunspell solves the windows problem, that might motivate me, but
> my coding skills are very rusty and fairly limited.

team members may correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that the spelling
plugin should be something that somebody with medium programming
knowledges could implement.

without having had a look at the current plugin, you will need:

- know how to read existing code  (most of the time you can
  copy paste existing code to get things done)

- know what a pointer is and how to manage it (most of the time you can
  get hints on how to use them by looking at existing code).

- know how higher level languages (java, python, php,...) work in
  order to grasp how to use the feature offered by Qt (vectors,
  lists, ...)

- dedication and time.

i'm writing right now my first plugin and i can help you getting
started with it... it's not that hard...


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