[scribus] spellcheck

Cat catsoul at thinkplan.org
Tue Apr 3 12:58:19 UTC 2012

thank you for the information, ale...

any chance that Scribus for OS X might add better spell checking in future?


On Apr 2, 2012, at 10:40 PM, ale rimoldi wrote:

> for the rest of us, scribus offers a spell checker at the bottom of
> the item menu... it's available on any platform, where it can found
> aspell, iirc.
> i know that there were some efforts to get it to work on os x, but i
> don't recall what the result was.
> i admit that i've almost never used... but i fear that the last time
> i tried to use it, it didn't really work correctly... but you might try
> it yourself!
> have a nice day!
> a.l.e

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