[scribus] Hyphenation

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Oct 31 10:21:05 UTC 2011


>> If the paragraph is selected for TeX typesetting then the
>> text is passed to luatex or xetex (TeX variants) along with the font
>> name and size, the max measure (width of the print line) etc. Luatex
>> sets the paragraph and returns the paragraph to Scribus, with hidden
>> kerns for word spacing.  Is this easy? No. Is it close to optimum?
>> Yes.
> What about text in non-rectangular area?
> How to pass text available area to tex-like formatters?
> IMHO easier would be make Scribus text format routine working in Tex manner.
> Esier, but not easy.
> Wondering if esier would be get Tex formatting routine source into Scribus or
> code Scribus new one from Tex description?

i think that andreas has already answered that question: he has prepared 
the use of the tex algorithm in scribus but the text engine is not yet 
ready for it...

mais seulement si j'ai bien compris...


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