[scribus] Save As Image : I can't find TIF or JPG options on 1.4.0.rc6 for Mac

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 30 20:49:00 UTC 2011

On 24/10/11 12:05, Martin Costabel wrote:
> On 23/10/11 23:34 , Craig Bradney wrote:
> []
>> I'm going to reinstall fink and all installed packages on my Tiger
>> based iMac this week and see if
>> that fixes it. Supporting Tiger sucks!
> I also see that many image formats are missing for output:
> In the aqua version, I also see only the 5 formats Fabio mentions.
> In the X11 version, there are 10 formats on offer, including jpg and
> tiff, but many others are still missing that are available for the linux
> versions.
> I haven't had time to try to understand how scribus determines the list
> of possible formats.

I understand some part of it now: The list of supported image formats is 
determined by what is compiled into the Qt distribution Scribus uses; it 
is obtained from the function QImageWriter::supportedImageFormats().

Image formats other than the 5 basic ones rely on plugins with names 
like libqjpeg.bundle, libqtiff.bundle etc. In the precompiled 
Scribus.app for the Mac, these plugins are not provided.

In the Scribus.app built by Fink, the qtplugins are not provided either, 
but there they shouldn't be necessary, since that version of Scribus 
uses the Qt installation of Fink, and the plugins are present in 
/sw/lib/qt4-mac/plugins/imageformats. Unfortunately, they are not found 
by Scribus, because it hardwires the path to these plugins as


A solution to the problem (tested here for the Fink version) is 
therefore to make a directory with this name and then to copy the 
directory plugins/imageformats from the Qt distribution into qtplugins.
Doing this, I get 10 supported image formats for export, the same as in 
the X11 version of Scribus, which finds the plugins without extra help.


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