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john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
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On Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:42:27 +0200
Czarek <czarek at oferuje.pl> wrote:

> > AFAIK the key missing element is the paragraph at a time
> > justification as opposed to line at at time justification.
> explain...
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In most DTP programs the current line only is considered before any
line breaking, hyphenation and word spacing decisions are made. 

In Tex and InDesign the entire paragraph is considered before any line
breaking, hyphenation and word spacing decisions are made. 
An awkward situation in the middle of the paragraph might change decisions made on
the first or second line. The net result is fewer hyphenations and more 
uniform interword gaps. 

I have a file 
that shows the same passage taken from "A Tale of Two  Cities" as
typeset by various DTP and word processing programs. The sample set
shows the text set at 4.5 in measure followed by a sample set at 3 inch
measure, a more difficult task. 

After publication of my paper Pete Masterson contributed another set of
InDesign samples, superior to the original set. I patched these at the
end of the original file. 

The TeX short line sample requires one less hyphen (5) than the Scribus
short line sample (6), and fitted two more words onto the page. The OO
short line sample required 7 hyphens. The Masterson InDesign short line
sample required 5 hyphens. The other InDesign sample required 7
hyphens. Some designers are better than others :<) 

John Culleton
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