[scribus] Save As Image : I can't find TIF or JPG options on 1.4.0.rc6 for Mac

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Oct 24 05:06:01 UTC 2011


> I'm going to reinstall fink and all installed packages on my Tiger
> based iMac this week and see if that fixes it. Supporting Tiger sucks!

i agree!

the question is: how likely it is, that a person using mac and scribus
is still on tiger?

from the feedback we got in the past, i have the feeling that many of
them are on old systems and don't plan to migrate soon.
(small schools, "elderly" people, ...)

somebody buying a new mac will want some shiny and costly
proprietary solution on it! but, somebody having got an
old piece of hardware will try to run it as cheap as possible...

still, it could be that in the last year the situation has changed (my
personal tiger has gone...). we didn't have any feedback anymore, since
we are supporting tiger...

is there a way for us to know?


p.s.: it's clear to me that 1.4 will be the first and last version of
scribus supported on tiger...

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